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Strength in numbers as new members join RSB’s collaborative network


RSB’s members represent those on a journey towards a biocircular economy. From producers of next-generation materials to the end-users of these products, from non-profit social organisations to non-governmental environmental organisations, and from high-level public policy institutions to academia and research institutions – they are lighting the way for a global sustainability movement.

Our collaborative network offers a platform for 130 (and counting) innovators, pioneers and leaders to activate their ambition for the just and sustainable transition to a bio-based and circular world. Last year, we had our biggest ever growth in membership, but this year, we’re on track to have an even bigger year, with even more variety across sectors and chambers.

As the saying goes: “There is strength in numbers.”



As our membership community continues to grow, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome a few new faces, and thank them for their commitment to sustainability.

Vitol : a global energy and commodities company, based in Switzerland 

“Vitol is proud to become a member of the RSB. As a leading supplier of fuels to customers worldwide, we are committed to playing an active role in helping the transport sector to decarbonise. Sustainable, bio-based fuel will have an important role to play. RSB is a leader in shaping sustainable certification for the bio-based and circular economy, and we look forward to joining the conversation and contributing to its future developments.”– Mila Strikova (Vitol’s Sustainability Manager).

Decarbon : a startup that emerged to help decarbonise the aviation industry

“We are very excited with joining RSB. We believe Decarbon´s participation in the relevant RSB´s initiatives will be crucial for our organisation to fulfil our mission, which is helping companies and individuals interested in contributing with decarbonisation by means of sustainable fuels, structuring fuel purchase and book and claim transactions to reduce both, scope 1 and scope 3 carbon emissions.” – Julian Sedlmayr (Decarbon’s Founder).

Infinium : an electrofuels provider on a mission to decarbonise the world

“Infinium is excited to join RSB, which is helping to enable the transition to sustainable fuels including Power-to-X and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). We look forward to working with RSB and its stakeholders to support policies and best practices that will accelerate global efforts to decarbonise the transportation and chemical sectors.” – David Zaziski (Infinium’s Vice President, Government Affairs & Policy).

Bluecat Paper : an Indian company that produces tree-free & paper products

“Being an RSB member validates the work we do at Bluecat paper, which is creating sustainable and tree-free paper, recycling water and reducing waste . Its a great opportunity to be part of a community that drives sustainability through a its goals and collaborations.”Kavya Madappa (Bluecat Paper’s Founder).

USA BioEnergy : a renewable fuels development and integration group

“USA BioEnergy is pleased to be a member of RSB. RSB platforms and initiatives bring experts together to further the development of RSB’s standards. The importance of developing advanced biorefineries that produce net negative fuels, with ultra-low carbon intensity, cannot be understated. Our goal is to help the airlines meet their stated goals of carbon neutrality. USA BioEnergy is especially pleased with RSB’s work on Book & Claim, the Sustainable Biomass Policy and the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Policy. These programs are or will be the gold standard in the aviation industry.”Nick Andrews (USA BioEnergy’s CEO). 



We are thrilled to have these companies join our collaborative network, and look forward to further working with you in developing our sustainability framework, and our growing selection of platforms and initiatives, including the SAF Policy Platform, Power-to-X Platform, Sustainable Airports Platform, Sustainable Biomass Policy Platform, Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform, and the newly launched Book & Claim Platform.

If you are interested in joining RSB, click here.  


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