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RSB GHG calculator tool

RSB participating operators and members can now use RSB’s online tool to calculate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – for free.

The tool, which incorporates the RSB Global, EU RED and CORSIA GHG Calculation methodologies, enables you to calculate the supply chain GHG emissions of a fuel or material and see easily whether you meet the RSB minimum GHG reduction threshold.

RSB certification of fuels requires that the fuel achieves a minimum 50% GHG reduction compared with the fossil fuel baseline, or 60% if it is a new installation. For materials (i.e. all non-energy products), a minimum 10% GHG emission reduction is required.

Read the RSB GHG Calculation Methodology

To use the tool, you will have to fill out the RSB GHG calculator tool request form, which you can access by requesting it from RSB Certification Manager, George Deslandes.

Completion of the form confirms your agreement to abide by the terms of the RSB GHG calculator tool usage Disclaimer.

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