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Certification bodies

RSB’s third-party certification system means that audits are carried out by independent certification bodies (CBs) that are accredited to the RSB system. You will need to work directly with an accredited CB to confirm the details of the audit.

Your audit should have started within 12 months of your application being accepted by RSB, but you are encouraged to reach out to a CB as early as possible – even before you apply for RSB certification.

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SCS Global Services

RSB currently works with SCS Global Services to provide robust third-party audit services.

Post and office:
2000 Powell Street, Suite 600, Emeryville, California 94608, USA

Tarik Bellahcene
Telephone :+32471820305
Email: [email protected]

Go to the SCS Global Services website

SGS Tecnos

RSB currently works with SGS Tecnos to provide robust third-party audit services.

Post and office:
C/ Trespaderne 29, Edificio Nodo, 28042 Madrid, Spain

Lourdes Martín Mangas
Telephone :+34 685948145
Email: [email protected]

ASI – Assurance Services International

Go to the SGS Tecnos website

Previous certification bodies

Listed here are certification bodies that are no longer entitled to conduct independent auditing under RSB schemes from the last 12 months, having either been suspended, terminated or withdrawn from the RSB audit ecosystem.

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