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RSB has chosen to work with Sajoma Climate as its new Oversight Body. They will help to ensure that Certification Body (CB) activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and that any areas of concern are brought to the attention of the RSB Secretariat.

Sajoma’s activities include reviewing audit reports for discrepancies and alignment with RSB requirements, performing witness audits, and checking that CBs meet RSB requirements such as on accreditation, RSB auditor appointment and internal audits.

Sajoma will also oversee the performance of CBs associated with RSB’s Impact Alliance partners. These are partner certification systems who have the authority to offer RSB certification through their own certification system infrastructure, via their own pool of CBs.

Visit the Sajoma Climate website


RSB requires its CBs to meet two main requirements around Accreditation:

  • The CB shall successfully complete an ISO/IEC 17011-based accreditation process against ISO 17065 and be accredited before offering any RSB certification services.
  • The CB shall hold an accreditation by a national accreditation body that is member of the International Accreditation Forum or a competently assigned authority.

These requirements are in line with regulatory requirements as set out by the EU Commission under the RED scheme and are also recognised by ICAO CORSIA as being a strong application of the accreditation requirements.

Currently there are no options available to meet the full requirements for Accreditation under EU RED, and so the RSB is working with the Commission to fulfil these requirements as and when guidance is given. In the meantime, RSB is accepting alternative Accreditation to similarly recognised Accreditation schemes – such as ISO 14065 or other similarly based commodity sustainability schemes until such a time as it has been addressed.

For more information, contact RSB's Certification Lead
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