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RSB Programmes

From investors to industry innovators, NGOs to government agencies, organisations of all sizes and sectors are increasingly looking to the bio-based and circular economy for solutions to today’s challenges.

Through the lens of our globally-recognised sustainability framework, we provide unique approaches to assessing and implementing policy, projects and operations.

In a rapidly evolving field, RSB’s international team of experts can support your organisation to achieve its urgent sustainability ambitions in the biocircular economy.

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Landscape-level programme

The transition from a fossil-based economy to a more biocircular one is no easy task that can be solved quickly, and in silo. We recognise the need for approaches that are collaborative in nature, have a long-term vision and align with broader sustainable development goals.

Going beyond individual supply chains and points of influence, RSB’s landscape-level programmes aim to set the foundations today for achieving sustainable impact in the future via projects that:

  • Drive the development of a sustainable biocircular economy
  • Through interventions at multiple levels of the economy
  • Across a defined landscape, and
  • In collaboration with international and regional stakeholders.
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Partner projects programme

RSB supports the development and implementation of projects, led by diverse partners around the world, and aimed at advancing the just and sustainable transition to a bio-based and circular economy.

In these partner projects, we increase the impact of our best-in-class sustainability framework and promote the transforming of society and the economy for the better – delivering positive impacts for people and the planet.

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Advisory services programme

RSB’s tailored and expert advisory services help businesses navigate the new sustainability challenges and opportunities presented by the development of their bio-based and circular products and solutions.

Through technical and strategic advice, hands-on implementation, staff training and research, we support our partners in de-risking projects, assessing sustainability of feedstocks and supply chains, building team capacity to implement sustainability in operations, preparing for certification and more.

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Book and claim programme

Book and claim is a chain-of-custody solution that allows the sustainability attributes of a certified product to be decoupled from the physical supply chain and be transferred via dedicated registry. This solution can seriously accelerate the decarbonisation journey of hard-to-abate sectors, such as aviation and shipping, as it helps overcome the barriers of supply, demand and cost.

The RSB Book & Claim System has been created to monitor and manage this complex, but necessary, approach in a way that is credible, robust and prioritises climate impact. The system includes the RSB Book & Claim Manual, RSB Registry and RSB Registry Recognition Framework, and Book & Claim Pilots.

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