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RSB Book & Claim Platform

The RSB Book & Claim Platform is a cross-sectoral initiative for members and invited stakeholders that seeks to strengthen the RSB Book & Claim System, and thereby accelerate the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors.

This new platform will support RSB’s work in developing and promoting a robust and credible book and claim model that drives faster and broader decarbonisation across multiple sectors, such as shipping and aviation. The knowledge and feedback collected will be used to further refine the RSB Book & Claim System, as well as help stakeholders to better integrate RSB’s approach to book and claim.

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About the RSB Book & Claim Platform

RSB’s Book & Claim Platform is open to RSB members, who are invited to join the platform as part of the many benefits of RSB membership.

Why a platform?

Book and claim is a market mechanism that provides a solution to the complexity of buyers demanding sustainable products that are not always accessible in their existing supply chains. However, ensuring full traceability and no risk of double counting is absolutely vital to maintain credibility and trust in this process.

In order to facilitate the understanding and development of a book and claim system that reaches its full potential, RSB has therefore responded to increasing interest in its work around book and claim. The RSB Book & Claim Platform will navigate book and claim issues across sectors, develop system know-how, and share lessons learned in a feedback loop.


The RSB Book & Claim Platform explores subjects in the following categories:

  • Validate and explore new book and claim use cases
  • Stakeholder consultations on new iterations of the RSB Book & Claim Manual and RSB Book & Claim Registry
  • Registry Recognition & Interoperability
  • Governance & Auditing

RSB Approach

RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership community is here to support organisations — including industry, civil society, academia and government — to create a just and sustainable transition towards a net-zero carbon, circular and bio-based economy by:

  • Developing new knowledge and solutions
  • Sharing wisdom in a pre-competitive space
  • Shaping revisions to the standard and certification system

All RSB platforms and working groups are conducted in-line with our anti-trust policy and follow an established anti-trust procedure to ensure that our work is in line with best practice in competition law.

Join the platform (RSB members-only)

Key People

Max Eichelbaum

Digital Solutions Manager

Max is RSB’s Digital Solutions Manager, leading the development and implementation of our new and refined digital services and platform initiatives. Based in Montreal, Canada, he also supports RSB’s engagement with stakeholders in North America. Prior to joining RSB, Max worked as an aviation stress engineer sizing lightweight composite airplane structures in Germany and France. […]

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Arianna Baldo

Programme Director

Arianna is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is RSB’s Programme Director, as well as leading our work in the aviation sector. She coordinates RSB’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) projects and partnerships, and engages stakeholders globally to support the industry’s sustainability and decarbonisation goals through RSB membership, certification and advisory services. She has 15 […]

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Hannah Walker

Outreach & Engagement Director

As Outreach & Engagement Director, Hannah is responsible for all outreach and engagement activities at the RSB, as well as a member of the leadership team. She oversees the development of RSB’s membership community, the creation of events throughout the year and the roll out of RSB’s communication and marketing activities. She also leads RSB’s […]

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