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Union Database for Biofuels (UDB)

The Union Database for Biofuels (UDB) is an accounting system within the European Union (EU) Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II.

This tool was created by the EU Commission to ensure the traceability of liquid and gaseous biofuels, which can be counted towards the share of renewable energy in the transport sector in the EU, including its Member States.

RSB uploads its certification data to the UDB, as part of the first step of registering its EU RED Operators.

How does the UDB work?

Economic operators are required to digitally report their transactions when selling liquid biofuels into the European market – starting at the Point of Origin right through the supply chain until it reaches the final operator.

The following operator scopes are included within this system:

  • First collection points (agricultural biomass and waste/residues)
  • Traders of raw materials or intermediates
  • Traders of final fuel
  • Processing units (EtOH, HVO, FAME, biomethane)

Roles and Responsibilities

Voluntary Scheme (VS): The role of voluntary schemes, such as RSB, includes oversight and management of access for operators to the UDB system.

Economic Operator (EO): The role of economic operators is to keep the UDB transaction data up-to-date.

Service Provider (SP): The role of service providers is to help operators to access the system and to assist operators with tracking their transaction data and automatically updating the UDB.


RSB has and will continue to upload all certification data to the UDB, as part of the first step of registering its EU RED Operators. If you are an RSB EU RED Operator and do not have access to the UDB, then please contact RSB’s Certification Manager.

UDB eDelivery Process

This graph illustrates the three options for Economic Operators (EOs) to connect to and manage transactions in the UDB.

  1. EOs can manage their transactions in the UDB graphical user interface.
  2. EOs can use a third party SP to connect to the UDB.
  3. EOs can connect their own IT system to the UDB interface via an integration managed by an SP.RSB has appointed a UDB access point SP to support EOs wishing to connect directly to the UDB interface.

Please contact the RSB Certification Manager for further details.

Training resources

The UDB team has created a number of training resources to help operators use the tool. These can be found on the UDB website.

Click here to access these training resources.

Please reach out to RSB’s Certification Manager to find out the latest updated regarding these dates.

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