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Who we are

Originally established in 2007 as an academic initiative to respond to the sustainability risks posed by a growing focus on biofuels, RSB was formally registered in 2013 as a not-for-profit association – expanding its mission to advance the just and sustainable transition of the bio-based and circular economy.

Today, RSB has evolved into a global, independent and collaborative network that leverages its best-in-class sustainability framework to create a world where climate change has been mitigated, biodiverse ecosystems have been restored, and livelihoods have been enhanced.

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Governance structure

To ensure a balance between business and civil society interests, RSB organises members into five Chambers.

The five Chambers elect Delegates, who form the Assembly of Delegates; the organisation’s governing body.

The Assembly of Delegates elect a Board of Directors to set strategy and provide oversight to the Secretariat.

The Secretariat manages the organisation’s day-to-day operations.


RSB’s membership community is a global movement of over 130 industry and sector leaders, environmental and civil society organisations, academic institutions, and UN and government bodies.

We are all working together to advance the biocircular economy, guided by our world-leading sustainability framework.

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The Secretariat, also known as the RSB Team, is responsible for the day-to-day management of RSB activities. It ensures the ongoing development of RSB’s sustainability framework, as well as its promotion and implementation through certification and policy.

RSB is headquartered at the International Environment House 2 in Geneva, Switzerland, with staff on four continents.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of distinguished professionals and experts from various sectors, and is responsible for the overall management of RSB.

The Board of Directors also represents RSB at various functions and conferences, and reflects its commitment to the ethics and principles it stands for. Regular meetings are held where Board Members collaborate and decide on changes to policy, as well as the effective management of the RSB’s activities.

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Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly of Delegates is the highest decision making body of RSB. Each of RSB’s membership chambers – representing industry, civil society, academia and more – elects three Delegates, thus giving each chamber the same weight and influence in decision-making.

Delegates represent their chamber at Assembly meetings to deliberate and vote on issues of governance and standard development. The Assembly of Delegates approves modifications to the Principles & Criteria and appoints the Board of Directors to run the affairs of RSB.

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