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RSB’s Grievance Mechanism ensures that grievances against the implementation of RSB policies and procedures, recognised certification bodies, their certification decisions, and RSB members are handled in a timely, comprehensive, consistent, transparent, and effective manner.

RSB’s Grievance Procedure provides guidance on how RSB – as well as certification bodies, participating operators and accreditation bodies – should properly manage grievances made with some aspect of the RSB system and general functioning of the RSB governance or multi-stakeholder dialogue.


Submitting a grievance

Before submitting a grievance, we recommend reviewing the RSB Grievance Procedure.

You can then submit all grievances via email to: [email protected]

Please include the following information:

  • Basic information about yourself / your organisation
  • Details about the grievance
  • Evidence to support the grievance
  • Expected outcomes, including alternatives for resolution of the dispute
  • Evidence of steps already taken to resolve the grievance directly

You may request anonymity.

You will receive a written acknowledgement of your grievance with 5 working days.

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