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Board of Directors


RSB’s Board of Directors is responsible for the management of RSB.

The Board of Directors also represents RSB at various functions and conferences, and reflects its commitment to the ethics and principles it stands for. Regular meetings are held where board members collaborate and decide on changes to policy, as well as the effective management of the RSB’s activities.

Meet the Board below.

Adam Klauber

World Energy, LLC – Chair of RSB Board – Chamber 1

Adam Klauber is Vice President of Sustainability and ESG at World Energy, LLC. where he leads efforts to drive down carbon intensity, commercialise book and claim transactions to minimise fuel miles/km and unlock capital on a global scale. World Energy operates the world’s first SAF production plant and is the first SAF producer to earn […]

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Valentina Vecchio

Boeing – Vice Chair of RSB Board – Chamber 2

Valentina Vecchio is Boeing Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships lead for strategic engagement & execution. In this role, Valentina integrates and maximises the effectiveness of a global team in order to advance Boeing’s sustainable aerospace mission. Valentina joined Boeing in September 2018 and was responsible for representing the enterprise’s interests with European institutions, most notably […]

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Andrew Pozniak

Green Aviation – Treasurer RSB Board – Chamber 5

Andrew Pozniak is founder and a senior director of ‘Green Aviation’, an environmental organisation with offices in Switzerland and the UK. Founded in 2008, it is funded by providing advisory services, innovation and prototyping of new solutions such as Andrew has been involved with RSB since 2010, is a member of the International Society […]

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Laurel Harmon

LanzaTech – Director RSB Board – Chamber 1

Dr. Harmon provides policy direction and leadership on international legislative and regulatory matters and develops collaborative research and demonstration projects for LanzaTech. LanzaTech is the global leader in gas fermentation technology, offering novel and economic routes to a variety of products, including aviation fuel, from waste carbon streams. By recycling carbon, LanzaTech’s solutions mitigate carbon […]

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Maiju Helin

Neste – Director RSB Board – Chamber 1

Maiju Helin is Head of Stakeholder Management at Neste based in Helsinki, Finland. Neste is a producer of sustainable solutions in renewable polymers and chemicals, and renewable fuels for road and aviation which help customers reduce their environmental and carbon footprint.  Maiju is passionate about delivering visible impact towards a more sustainable society. She has […]

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James Onchieku

Kisii University – Director RSB Board – Chamber 5

Dr. James Onchieku is and Chief Research Scientist and a Senior Lecturer at Kisii University in Kisii, Kenya, and his current research interest focuses on modern bioenergy. Dr. Onchieku is also a Principal Investigator in the World Bank-sponsored Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture (KCSAP) project, in collaboration with Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and Egerton University […]

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Jayant Sarnaik

Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) (India) – Director RSB Board – Chamber 4

Jayant Sarnaik, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India is founder member and joint director of the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF), a conservation NGO. He has been active in the field of sustainable biofuels since 1998. In the early phase of his involvement, he along with his colleagues successfully developed and piloted indigenous technology for complete […]

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Fongoh Eric

ICENECDEV – Director RSB Board – Chamber 3

Fongoh Eric is the Co-founder and Director of  International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) with more than 15 years  experiences in environmental project management, resource mobilisation, capacity building in environmental development programmes. Fongoh Eric has experience in developing and drafting environmental policies and providing technical /advisory support on the accreditation of ICENECDEV and partners to […]

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