About the Sustainable Airports Platform

The Sustainable Airports Platform is open to RSB members, who are invited to join the platform as part of the many benefits of RSB membership.

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  • Airports have a critical role to encourage the use of SAF. However, only a few airports currently have a consistent supply of SAF, and there is still some uncertainty on the role airports should and aspire to play within the SAF value chain. As such, the Sustainable Airports Platform is a place for structured discussion that will lead to the development of informative tools and guidance, and joint recommendations.

  • The Sustainable Airports Platform is conducting the following activities:


    1st meeting on airport infrastructure and the role airports play in the SAF value chain (March 2022)

    2nd meeting on how SAF contributes to airport sustainability strategies and targets (April 2022)

    3rd meeting to review voluntary GHG targets & protocols (SBTi, CDP, GHGP, etc.) from airports’ perspectives (May 2022)

    4th meeting on SAF sustainability beyond GHG reductions (June 2022)

    5th meeting on the role of airports in the RSB Book & Claim system for SAF (July 2022)

    Sustainability survey among passengers at Rome Airport (July – September 2022)

    6th meeting on communicating SAF to passengers (September 2022)

    Defining a common agenda (“Sustainable Airports Manifesto”) on SAF sustainability (Oct 2022, in-person meeting in the USA and EU)

    Developing a report on “SAF Sustainability Guidance for Airports” (October 2022)

    7th meeting on key findings “SAF Sustainability Guidance for Airports” and to set agenda for 2023 (November 2022)

  • RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership community is here to support organisations — including industry, civil society, academia and government — to create a just and sustainable transition towards a net-positive bio-based and circular economy by:

    1. Developing new knowledge and solutions

    2. Sharing wisdom in a pre-competitive space

    3. Shaping revisions to the standard and certification system

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Key People

The Sustainable Airports Platform is administered by members of the RSB Secretariat, with oversight by the RSB Board of Directors who appoint a Chair.