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Project CARINA

CARINA focuses on new, sustainable and diversified farming systems that are able to provide low ILUC feedstocks for the bio-based economy. The project is supported by the European Union within the framework of the Horizon Europe programme.

RSB will perform the environmental assessment of the CARINA value chain, and provide key support in the definition and implementation of a certification standard for the production of low ILUC feedstock for bio-based material. We will start from a bottom-up approach with the direct engagement of stakeholder and civil society.

Project details

Project dates: 2022-2026

Project funders: The CARINA project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme.

Project location: European Union

RSB project team leadBlanca de Ulibarri

Project website:

Project aims


  • Identification and promotion of innovative, diversified and sustainable farming systems.
  • Production of innovative biochemicals (monomer and polymers) from camelina and carinata.
  • Provision of policy recommendations to promote the deployment of sustainable agricultural systems for bioeconomy.
  • Setting guidelines and identifying possible gaps for the development of new certification standard for low iLUC bio-based feedstock.
  • Showcasing the replicability potential of the CARINA systems mainly across Europe.


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