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Framework development

The biocircular economy is constantly evolving, so our approach needs to evolve too. We work with our members to adapt our sustainability framework and supporting standards.

RSB’s approach to standard development ensures the continuous improvement of our approach and its ongoing relevance for industry, NGOs, academia and policy-makers who are looking to implement sustainability best practice for the biocircular economy.

Explore the RSB Standards Development Workplan for this year

Our process

All updates to RSB standards are conducted in line with the Procedure for Development and Modification of RSB Standards, Procedures and Guidance.

The ultimate authority for approving the development and revisions of RSB’s standards is the Assembly of Delegates. RSB procedures are approved by the Board of Directors and RSB guidance documents are approved by the RSB Executive Director. The Secretariat handles minor modifications and oversees the development and revision process – including consultation, field testing and preparation of draft documents, in consultation with relevant working groups.

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Proposing a modification

Proposals to introduce new standards, procedures or guidance and/or adapt or modify content of the existing standards can be made at any time.

Please send proposals to Nicola Noponen, RSB’s Technical Director.

What to include in your proposal:

  • Identify the specific portion of the standard to be modified or the type of standard to be introduced.
  • Outline the rationale for the proposal and the stakeholder groups that could potentially be affected by the proposal.
  • Reference background papers and previous decisions or discussions within RSB, where relevant.
Propose a modification

Current consultations

RSB welcomes public comment as part of the formal process for the continued development of its flagship sustainability framework, the RSB Principles & Criteria.

There are currently no public consultations.

Should you have any questions regarding call framework development in general, please contact us.

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Past consultations

As new technology, research and sustainability issues emerge, RSB works with its members to adapt our sustainability framework.

All major revisions require a formal consultation, in line with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice, and approval by the RSB members.

You are invited to view the outcomes of past consultations on RSB’s sustainability framework development.

See our past consultations

ISEAL Code Compliant

RSB is a proud ISEAL Code Compliant member, meaning that we have demonstrated compliance with ISEAL’s rigorous Codes of Good Practice on Standard Setting, Assurance and Impact for effective and credible sustainability systems.

ISEAL is the global membership organisation for ambitious, collaborative and transparent sustainability systems. It drives collective efforts to tackle the most pressing sustainability issues and create a world where markets are a force for good.

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