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RSB partner projects

Partnering in numerous collaborative projects all over the world, our experts bring technical services, including feedstock and technical assessment studies and guidance on sustainability certification, and experience in convening diverse stakeholders. As part of this consortia, RSB is able to leverage its sustainability framework to develop best practice, new knowledge and advancements for the bio-based and circular economy and disseminate them globally.

The current projects in our portfolio below are funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, and aim to tackle climate change, achieve the SDGs and boost the EU’s competitiveness and growth.

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ALIGHT is an EU-funded Smart Airport project, launched in November 2020 and running for four years to develop a model of a sustainable airport of the future.

RSB will provide important guidance on the use of SAF in the project – ensuring that the project utilises SAF that is compliant with RSB’s best-in-class sustainability framework, and by providing expert advice and support throughout the project.

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The CARINA project focuses on new, sustainable and diversified farming systems – including two new oilseed crops, carinata and camelina – that are able to provide low iLUC feedstocks for the bio-based economy. The project is supported by the European Union within the framework of the Horizon Europe programme.

RSB will perform the environmental assessment of the CARINA value chain. Furthermore RSB will provide key support in the definition and implementation of a certification standard for the production of low iLUC feedstock for bio-based material starting from a bottom-up approach with the direct engagement of stakeholder and civil society.

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STAR4BBS aims to maximise the potential of sustainability certification schemes and labels to support a successful transition to a sustainable bio-based economy. The project will develop indicators and a new monitoring system for assessing the effectiveness and robustness of existing schemes and labels, and related traceability systems applicable to biological feedstock and bio-based materials and products.

RSB will provide expertise on traceability and in the development of the indicators and will support outreach to industry and other certification schemes and labels.

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The FLITE consortium, led by SkyNRG and with LanzaTech as the technology provider, will build the first-of-its-kind LanzaJetTM Alcohol to Jet (AtJ) facility. The facility will convert waste-based ethanol to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at a scale of at least 30,000 tons/yr.

RSB will provide key support in preparing the programme through guidance on RSB certification of the facility. This will involve the mapping of supply chain feedstocks, risk assessments and screening, training to the facility operators, and ongoing support to prepare for certification.

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ICARUS is an EU-funded project to advance SAF production by addressing critical technology limitations.

RSB will provide important guidance with the approach to SAF certification, developing a guidance for SAF certification of the three proposed value chains. RSB will also contribute with its knowledge and networks through the different platforms that are in place such as the RSB SAF Policy Platform and Sustainable Airports Platform.

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