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RSB advisory services

RSB’s advisory services provide clients with tailored solutions to help them navigate sustainability complexities and build positive impacts to support a growing biocircular economy.

The RSB sustainability framework forms the backbone of our advisory services – complemented by a suite of supporting tools – and led by a team of biocircular economy experts with skills across lifecycle analysis, feedstock and raw material sustainability, supply chain, preparation for certification, and much more.

RSB evaluates and takes on projects based on their potential to create substantial positive sustainability impact.

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How do we assist?

Preparing you for certification

We support you to understand and apply the RSB sustainability framework to your operations and prepare you for certification via consultation, staff training, and support for relevant aspects of the framework.

Supply chain mapping

Mapping of biomass and other supply chains across regions to understand and map relevant sustainability risks and how to address these using the RSB sustainability criteria, and understand and establish guidance on appropriate traceability methods to ensure supply chain transparency.

Gap analysis

RSB offers an analysis of sustainability standards or management practices already used in the supply chain, including a benchmark of the sustainability standards and management practices, including GHG calculation, used in the supply chain against the RSB sustainability framework.

Advice on RSB certification process

RSB experts can support in the preparation for RSB certification, including with guidance on selecting the most appropriate certification scope, support in the use of RSB’s risk assessment and screening exercise tools, reviews of documentation for certification (including GHG calculations, Environmental and Social Management Plans), reviews of chain of custody systems and guidance on the third-party certification process and audits.

Sustainable feedstock resource assessment

RSB can support a client in identifying sustainable feedstock sources for a future product or production facility, looking at current volume and energy production potential of selected feedstocks through the lens of the RSB sustainability principles.

RSB training

RSB experts can training courses customised to the clients needs to support their team and suppliers to familiarise themselves with the main aspects of RSB certification and to implement the standards in their specific context.

Development of national indicators

RSB’s experts can carry out the adaptation of a certification protocol for a country or a region in line with the RSB Principles & Criteria and specific feedstocks and products. The development of a national or regional interpretation of the RSB indicators includes stakeholder consultation (industry, farmers, NGOs, academia, government institutions) to contextualise and test the draft RSB indicators and guidance.

Reducing risk for investors

RSB’s sustainability framework – the Principles & Criteria (P&C) – helps reduce social and environmental risks. RSB provides support in the integration of the P&C into project development, and also assist investors in integrating it into their due diligence processes.

Understanding sustainability of new technology / pilot projects

RSB’s expert team will help you understand the sustainability aspects of your project or technology, and guide you in plans for scaling-up and replication to facilitate future RSB certification.

Stakeholder consultation

A unique aspect of the P&C is its approach to engaging and working with stakeholders. We can help you prepare a well-implemented stakeholder consultation to build support for your operations and reduce the risk of adverse impacts.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) calculation

The RSB Secretariat has an expert team of GHG LCA experts who will support you in providing GHG calculation and scenario analyses to multiple methodologies, including ICAO CORSIA, EU RED and RSB Global Standards.

Policy and regulation support

We can help you understand the global sustainability principles of the RSB sustainability framework, and how they can be applied for policy and regulation at your national or regional context.

Chain of custody

We help you implement the management procedures for tracking sustainable material through your facilities, including operating a mass balance system.

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