About the RSB Power-to-X Platform

RSB’s Power-to-X Platform is open to RSB members, who are invited to join the platform as part of the many benefits of RSB membership.

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  • Power-to-X technology, (PtX – power to liquid, power to gas or power to ammonia) holds promise as a renewable, non-biogenic technology to produce fuels. PtX uses CO2, water and renewable electricity to produced synthetic liquid hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals. Electric energy from renewable sources is stored in the chemical bonds of liquid or gaseous fuels to produce the final fuel/chemical. In a straightforward way, PtX technology consists of two main steps: (1) the hydrogen production through an electrolyser using water and renewable electricity as main inputs and (2) a subsequent catalytic conversion of the hydrogen gas with carbon dioxide or nitrogen. In some cases, compounds such as ethanol, methanol, biomethane can also be used as a renewable precursor from hydrogen and carbon in a process of electrochemical synthesis.

  • The RSB PtX Platform is conducting the following activities:

    1. Organising learning sessions on PtX technologies and sustainability best practices.

    2. Advising on and discussing key sustainability areas.

    3. Developing a commonly accepted proposal on best practices to reduce sustainability risks for PtX technologies implementation.

  • RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership community is here to support organisations — including industry, civil society, academia and government — to create a just and sustainable transition towards a net-zero carbon, circular and bio-based economy by:

    1. Developing new knowledge and solutions

    2. Sharing wisdom in a pre-competitive space

    3. Shaping revisions to the standard and certification system

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