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RSB Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform

The RSB Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform is a RSB initiative that focuses on the key sustainability topics affecting the transition to sustainable marine fuels (SMF), driving engagement with regulators, and advocating for a robust and consistent sustainability approach.

This new RSB platform is a place for RSB members from the shipping sector, relevant fuel producers, and stakeholders from non-profits and non-governmental organisations to work together, discuss and provide recommendations on how to drive the emergence of a truly sustainable bio-based and circular industry based on the use of SMF.

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About the RSB Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform

RSB’s Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform is open to RSB members, who are invited to join the platform as part of the many benefits of RSB membership.

Why a platform?

Sustainable marine fuels (SMF) will play an important role in achieving the shipping sector’s decarbonisation goals. Relevant stakeholders need to come together to understand what lessons came be learnt from other sectors and from each other, to ensure that SMF production and use is developed in a consistent, just and sustainable manner.

The RSB Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform will provide a place for these stakeholders to convene and collaboratively discuss important topics around SMF, sustainability certification, and consistent LCA methodologies.


Since its launch on 22nd March 2023, the RSB Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform has been conducting initial scoping activities.

This area will be updated soon.

RSB Approach

RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership community is here to support organisations — including industry, civil society, academia and government — to create a just and sustainable transition towards a net-zero carbon, circular and bio-based economy by:

  1. Developing new knowledge and solutions
  2. Sharing wisdom in a pre-competitive space
  3. Shaping revisions to the standard and certification system

All RSB platforms and working groups are conducted in-line with our anti-trust policy and follow an established anti-trust procedure to ensure that our work is in line with best practice in competition law.

Join the platform (RSB members-only)

Key people

Hannah Walker

Outreach & Engagement Director

As Outreach & Engagement Director, Hannah is responsible for all outreach and engagement activities at the RSB, as well as a member of the leadership team. She oversees the development of RSB’s membership community, the creation of events throughout the year and the roll out of RSB’s communication and marketing activities. She also leads RSB’s […]

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