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Get certified

Demonstrate your commitment to the highest standard of sustainability with RSB certification.

The 8-step process to become RSB-certified has been designed to be accessible for ambitious participating operators to achieve the highest standard of sustainability certification.

Get started on your journey to RSB certification now!

Apply for certification


Choose your scheme

RSB’s certification schemes help you to apply our best-in-class sustainability standard in a variety of different contexts. Choose your scheme.

Apply online for certification

Complete the application form, where you’ll be asked to fill in some general details about the product and type of certification required. Apply online for certification.

Select a certification body

You will choose an independent certification body to conduct your audit and sign a contract and make arrangements directly with them. Select a certification body.

Prepare for your audit

Work with your team to prepare the necessary documents and processes internally to meet the requirements of the RSB standards. Prepare for your audit.

Get audited

The auditor will assess your premises, reviewing your documents and systems to evaluate whether they meet the RSB requirements.

Receive your certification

Your certification body will issue your certificate – the public audit summary and certificate will be published on the RSB website.

Make claims and market your materials

Once you have achieved RSB certification, you can make claims and use the RSB label to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Maintain your certification

Maintaining your certification is managed via a schedule of surveillance audits and a re-certification audit at the end of your validity period.

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