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What was once a vision to ensure biofuel sustainability has grown into the world’s best sustainability certification for all biomaterials – all through the commitment of our members. Over 300 organisations have been instrumental in developing the world’s most-trusted Standard.

Today, our community promotes the RSB’s sustainability certification, and shapes revisions to the standard and certification system as technology, the environment and society are constantly evolving.

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Together our community is building bridges for a sustainable future.


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A global community of businesses, NGOs, academics, government and UN organisations – doing incredible things together.


  • “Bioenergy can make an important contribution to providing access to sustainable energy for all. Credible sustainability standards, such as the one developed by the RSB, help manage risks on a project level and promote best practices among producers and processors, complementing sound regional and national energy planning and policy.”

    UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

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