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RSB certification

More and more markets, investors, and businesses are demanding trusted and credible solutions for the new generation of low-carbon products, materials and fuels.

RSB offers certification against our sustainability framework, the Principles & Criteria, and is globally recognised as the best-in-class certification of these innovative, game-changing goods by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and other civil society organisations.

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Applying for RSB certification

By becoming RSB-certified, you are demonstrating your commitment to the highest standard of sustainability anywhere in the world.

The 8-step process to become RSB-certified has been designed to be accessible for ambitious participating operators to achieve the highest standard of sustainability certification.

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The RSB Impact Alliance

The RSB Impact Alliance is a new model for certification – designed to scale climate action and sustainability impacts in order to meet global goals on decarbonisation and the climate crisis.

It is a deeply collaborative approach and allows partner certification systems to apply RSB’s environmental and social sustainability requirements in their own system– without parallel certification.

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Certification schemes

To ensure the applicability of our powerful sustainability framework, RSB has developed specific certification solutions for every context – regardless of the operator type, location, supply chain type, feedstock or final product.

These certification solutions provide guidance and rules for the implementation of the Principles & Criteria in any situation – supporting a diverse group of operators to make truly credible claims.

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Certified operators

We have issued RSB certifications to projects all around the world. The operators of these projects have all demonstrated their commitment to the highest standard of sustainability practices for their operations and products.

All applications are subject to public consultation via our two-week call for public comments.

See our list of RSB certificates

Certification tools

RSB provides a host of tools – unique to RSB – that will support you and your business in understanding and applying the RSB Principles & Criteria to your operations. These tools are also integral to preparing you for certification via consultation, staff training, and support for relevant aspects of the sustainability framework.

Our tools include:

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Certification bodies

RSB is a third-party certification system which means that audits are carried out by independent certification bodies (CBs) that are accredited to the RSB system. You will work with an accredited certification body to conduct your audit and you will need to work with them directly on the details of our audit.

Your audit should have started within twelve months of your application being accepted by RSB, but you are encouraged to reach out to a certification body as early as possible (you may even choose to contact a CB before you apply for certification).

Learn about our certification bodies

Oversight and assurance

Accreditation of Certification Bodies in the RSB system is provided by ASI – Assurance Services International. ASI is an international assurance organisation providing oversight of the RSB certification system and independent accreditation.

As an international organisation with a focus on environmental and social sustainability, ASI’s expertise ensures that audits towards the RSB system are conducted with competence and consistency, regardless of where in the world they take place.

Learn about assurance in our system

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