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RSB certificates


Operators around the world have achieved RSB certification – demonstrating their commitment to the best-in-class sustainability practices for their operations and products, and benefitting from association with RSB’s globally-recognised Principles & Criteria.

All applications are subject to public consultation via our two-week call for public comments.

See the list of RSB certificates below.



Want to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability through our best-in-class RSB certification?

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Major non-conformities for EU RED


RSB publishes an aggregated list of audits that identify critical or major non-conformities, together with a respective action plan and timing for their correction – as agreed with the economic operators concerned – to comply with EU RED. This list is provided below.

Economic operators whose certificates are withdrawn, terminated or expired will be listed for at least 24 months after the withdrawal, termination or expiration date. Changes in the certification status of economic operators shall be made public as they occur.

There are currently no non-conformities, as indicated below.


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