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RSB’s SAF Policy Platform is open to RSB members, who are invited to join the platform as part of the many benefits of RSB membership.

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  • To start the sustainable transition and achieve aviation industry decarbonisation goals, SAF production must be rapidly scaled-up to achieve the volumes and pricing needed to be competitive. As with other renewable fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, this rapid scaling is possible, but a nurturing policy environment is key.

    Many countries are already adopting or proposing mandates to increase SAF use – and it is vital that these policies have principles of social and environmental sustainability at their core.

  • The RSB SAF Policy Platform is a network for structured dialogue on SAF policies and sustainability questions, which unlocks the substantial knowledge and expertise of its members.

    The Platform equips RSB members with high-quality materials and knowledge, grounded in the framework of the RSB Standard, to support work with global policymakers to embed stronger sustainability criteria into SAF policies at national, regional and global level.

    Current activities include:

    1. Assessment of global SAF policy and legislation.

    2. Assessment of sustainability criteria for SAF legislation at national level.

    3. Development of a communication strategy for policymakers.

  • RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership community is here to support organisations — including industry, civil society, academia and government — to create a just and sustainable transition towards a net-zero carbon, circular and bio-based economy by:

    1. Developing new knowledge and solutions

    2. Sharing wisdom in a pre-competitive space

    3. Shaping revisions to the standard and certification system

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Key People

RSB’s SAF Policy Platform is administered by members of the RSB Secretariat, with oversight by the RSB Board of Directors who appoint a Chair.