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RSB book and claim programme

Sustainable fuels can achieve 80% GHG emission reductions compared to fossil ones, and if certified against a robust and holistic standard such as RSB’s sustainability framework, sustainable fuels can also ensure that their production does not negatively affect ecosystems and food security.

With the RSB Book & Claim Programme, RSB is leading the development of a credible and effective book and claim mechanism that aims to expand the outreach of sustainable fuels and accelerate the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors.

RSB’s Book & Claim Programme is fully aligned with the requirements set out in the Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) Aviation Guidance, meaning that it provides reasonable assurance that the sustainable fuel is used and claimed within the sector. This allow organisations downstream to credibly claim in-sector GHG emissions reductions from sustainable fuels purchase and use.

What is book and claim?

Sustainable fuels are the single biggest opportunity today to decarbonise carbon-intensive sectors such as aviation and shipping.

However, the investments needed to develop sustainable aviation and marine fuels’ technologies, production and supply chains are such that these fuels are only available at limited geographical locations, and at a cost that is still significantly higher than fossil fuels.

This means that it is often out of reach for the growing number of customers globally, which include not only airlines, but also their corporate customers who want to reduce their emissions from business or cargo air travel.

Book and claim offers a solution.

When materials and products move along the supply chain, their attributes – including the sustainability benefits – are tracked, documented and verified via the ‘chain of custody’.

Book and claim is a chain-of-custody model, “in which the administrative record flow does not necessarily connect to the physical flow of material or product throughout the supply chain” (Source: ISO 22095:2020). It allows a customer to de-couple specific attributes from the physical product – like its sustainability benefits – and transfer them separately via a dedicated registry. This approach, which has been successfully implemented in the renewable electricity sector, is particularly valuable for sectors like aviation and shipping which require versatile chain of custody models to link supply with growing global demand.

Book and claim does not require the buyer and the seller to be connected with a physical supply chain, as is the case for other chain-of-custody model such as mass balance. And while a customer may not technically fly or ship their goods on sustainable fuels, their purchase demonstrates market demand and supports the development of supply globally. In turn, they may claim the sustainability benefits, such as the greenhouse gas emission reduction, towards their voluntary targets.

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RSB Book & Claim System

The RSB Book & Claim System has been created to monitor and manage the complex – but necessary – approach to scaling the supply of sustainable fuels in hard-to-abate sectors.

The RSB Book & Claim System includes the RSB Book & Claim Manual (normative procedure), the RSB Registry (digital data storage system) and the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure (normative procedure for a registry ecosystem).

RSB is perfectly positioned to lead in the development of book and claim. Building on our best-in-class sustainability framework, which has been recognised by EU RED and CORSIA, our work has consistently prioritised sustainability and decarbonisation.

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RSB Book & Claim Manual

The RSB Book & Claim Manual sets out the requirements for registering, transferring and retiring the sustainability attributes of sustainable aviation fuels, including the greenhouse gas emission reduction benefit, in the form of a Book & Claim Unit. It includes aspects related to sustainability certification, sustainability data points, claims, double counting and additionality.

The Manual has been developed, and will be regularly updated, through a process including genuine multi-stakeholder consultations, expert analyses, and pilots.

Read the RSB Book & Claim Manual

RSB Book & Claim Registry

The RSB Book & Claim Registry is a multi-role digital application accommodating a robust process for decoupling sustainability attributes from certified renewable fuels. The decoupled sustainability attributes can be used to issue a Book & Claim Unit (BCU), or credit, which can be securely transferred to another account holder who wishes to claim them. As such, the RSB Registry provides a secure and credible space for companies to participate in book and claim and benefit from lessons learned.

RSB uses its experience from operating the RSB Registry to approach an ecosystem harmonisation and collaboration, which will ultimately shape the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure, a normative book and claim basis for other registry operators.

Visit the RSB Registry to discover more

RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure

The RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure, which is currently in development stage, promotes an ecosystem approach to the growing market of independent registries. In doing so, this will provide the market with a robust and credible framework that can be used by any independent book and claim initiative to build trust and market acceptance.

This robust and transparent approach ensures that an operator’s registry meets technical and chain-of-custody related requirements driving reliable sustainability impacts, and describes compliance with the latest RSB Book & Claim Manual and technical components.

Read the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure

Book & Claim Pilots

RSB has been working to pilot the requirements of the RSB Book & Claim Manual in the aviation sector with several partners including, in alphabetical order, Airbus, Airbp, Etihad, JetBlue, Microsoft, the Sustainable Aviation Buyer’s Alliance (SABA), Singapore Airlines, TotalEnergies, World Energy and United Airlines – as well as 4Air and Shell Aviation for the registry recognition framework component.

We are currently designing additional pilots to test new use cases in the aviation, and expand the RSB Book & Claim System’s scope to the shipping sector.


RSB is proud to work with several partners who are as committed as we are to building a robust and credible book and claim ecosystem.

We are a partner of the Book & Claim Community – jointly led by the RMI and the Smart Freight Centre – and have been closely collaborating with similar initiatives, such as the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance, which is a joint initiative of the RMI and the Environmental Defense Fund.

RSB Book & Claim Platform

The RSB Book & Claim Platform is a series of meetings where the RSB members have their say in the development of the RSB Book & Claim System and share knowledge and best practice.

The RSB Book & Claim Platform is for RSB members only.

Join the RSB Book & Claim Platform

ISEAL Interoperability Project

RSB has secured grant funding from the ISEAL Innovations Fund, which is supported by the SECO Economic Cooperation and Development, to undertake a crucial research and development project that promotes an ecosystem approach to the growing market of independent book and claim registries.

Read more about the project

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