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Apply for membership


Thank you for your interest in applying for RSB Membership.

Over the next few pages, you will be asked information about your organisation and the details of your organisation’s point of contact. This will help to define the chamber to which your organisation will belong, and subsequently, to which fee bracket your organisation will belong.

As well as providing a letter of support, you will also be asked to agree to RSB’s Articles of Association, whereby members endorse RSB objectives and commit to allocate sufficient time and resources towards the development and implementation of RSB’s sustainability framework and our community. However, this does not indicate compliance with the framework. Compliance with RSB’s sustainability framework may only be demonstrated via certification, including the successful completion of an on-site audit by an accredited certification body, as defined in the RSB certification standards.

At the end of the form, you will be asked to provide a supporting letter on your organisation’s letterhead signed by the legal representative of your company. Please make sure to have this letter ready before continuing with the application. You can use this template (Note: automatic download of MS Word document) for the letter. 

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis by the RSB Board of Directors. The Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of your application and inform you once it has been approved – usually within 3 weeks of application. Should you have any questions regarding RSB membership or your application, please feel free to contact the RSB Secretariat at [email protected].

You can save and come back to your application later if you need to.


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