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What can we expect from RSB’s Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Programme in 2024?


In 2024, we will continue to grow RSB’s successful Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Programme (MSEP), so that eligible participants from civil society and academia can participate in advancing the bio-based and circular economy with our multi-stakeholder community.

RSB’s civil society members help us ensure that the most robust approach to bringing about positive social and environmental impacts remains at the forefront of our work.

With that in mind, we introduced the MSEP, guaranteeing that 15% of our annual membership dues revenues would be used to fund and support civil society and academic organisations – particularly those in the Global South – to access RSB events and learning opportunities, and to continue to contribute to the development of our best-in-class sustainability framework.

Here’s what RSB’s MSEP accomplished in 2023:

This year, we aim to increase number and diversity of our civil society members at our events and engagements – not only providing capacity-building and networking opportunities to those that might not have otherwise been able to afford them, but also benefitting our broader community by ensuring a healthy diversity of insight and contributions.

This includes:

  • The RSB Innovations Meeting in Cincinnati, USA
  • The RSB Annual Conference and the Formal Assembly of Delegates in Geneva, Switzerland 
  • And further events through the year in Brazil, Southeast Asia and East Africa

To find out who is eligible for the MSEP and how the programme works, please click here.

If you have further questions on the MSEP, please reach out to Hannah Walker, RSB’s Outreach & Engagement Director.


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