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RSB Delegates vote to extend member dues exemption to environmental and academic institutions

As a global membership organisation, RSB depends on our multi-stakeholder community for their diverse inputs in the ongoing development of our globally recognised sustainability framework. We especially rely on our civil society members to help us ensure that our sustainability framework for the biocircular economy maintains its high levels of trust and credibility.

Earlier this year, we established the RSB Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Programme (MSEP) to support these efforts, in which 15% of our annual membership dues revenues to fund these important organisations, so that they can access our roster of events and engagements throughout the year.

RSB has now taken a further step to reduce barriers for civil society to engage with our community.

RSB and its community of almost 150 member organisations have agreed to further complement the efforts of the MSEP by removing membership dues for environmental NGOs and academic institutions. This step aims to ensure that these important organisations can continue to engage and contribute to the development of a just and sustainable biocircular economy and can benefit from significant learning and networking opportunities, all whilst supporting the credibility of the RSB approach.

If you have any questions regarding the decision made at the RSB Formal Assembly of Delegates, please reach out to Hannah Walker, RSB Outreach & Engagement Director. We also encourage current and prospective members from civil society to further investigate how best to participate in our membership community by reading the guide to RSB Membership for NGOs.

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