What is the RSB?

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global membership organisation that drives the just and sustainable transition to a bio-based and circular economy.

RSB’s sustainability framework has been developed by its multi-stakeholder membership, and is a uniquely robust and credible foundation for supporting innovative solutions to the climate crisis. RSB uses this foundation to develop projects, new knowledge and solutions that equip key decision-makers to deliver net positive impacts for people and the planet.

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RSB members are innovators and pioneers on a journey towards a circular bioeconomy.

From growers and producers of next-generation fuels and materials to the end-users, blenders and investors of these products, from non-profit social organisations to non-governmental environmental organisations, and from high-level public policy institutions to academia and research institutions, RSB’s collaborative network is lighting the way for a global sustainability movement.

RSB membership offers a platform for leaders to activate their ambition for the just and sustainable transition to a bio-based and circular world.

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Advisory Services

Our experts are helping businesses to navigate the new challenges and opportunities presented by the development of a sustainable bio-economy.

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Our members are working with the RSB to help shape the future of a sustainable bioeconomy. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to showcase your leadership - and influence the bioeconomy where it matters most to you.

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Our user-friendly certification scheme is the strongest and most trusted of its kind and demonstrates your commitment to a sustainable bioeconomy.

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Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy

Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy is a project powered by The Boeing Company that aims to help the aviation industry play a leading role in tackling the threat of climate change, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, developing rural livelihoods and protecting the environment. By providing guidance on the sustainability of alternative fuels, bringing together relevant stakeholders and integrating the bioeconomy as a critical part of the just energy transition, Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy will help to direct investment, policy makers, market development and further research to support the emergence of a truly sustainable bioeconomy.

Supporting the development of a global alternative aviation fuel sector.

Facilitating understanding and implementation of sustainability across bioeconomy sectors, guided by the RSB Standard.

Transforming traditional commodity sectors and supporting new feedstock and technology development.

Linking with regional and global initiatives and market leaders to drive supply chain development.


  • Assessment of SAF production routes from diversified feedstock
  • Develop regional supply chains and incentive the socioeconomic growth of smallholders
  • Support and develop the SAF sector in Brazil


  • Develop a national sustainable aviation biofuel roadmap
  • Explore and assess economic growth and job creation potential from the growth of a local biofuel industry
  • Support development of low carbon industries in Ethiopia and the region


  • Establish a national bioeconomy platform to support industry to transition to a low carbon economy
  • Pilot RSB certification on the eradication of invasive alien plants
  • Support the development of the local alternative fuel sector

Road to Compliance

Our sustainability consulting, training and advisory services are the most practical and effective steps you can take today, to support your business tomorrow.

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RSB Standard

We work to ensure sustainable biomaterials production through a uniquely robust standard that contributes to food security, rural development and protection of ecosystems.

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Greenhouse Gas Calculator

Our market-leading Greenhouse Gas calculation enables your business to identify how to maximise emissions reductions.

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RSB Transition Leaders Forum

In partnership with The Boeing Company and Neste, the RSB Transition Leaders Forum is a cross-sectoral event for RSB members and invited guests to scale a sustainable biocircular economy in South-East Asia and beyond.

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2023 View more details

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Germany's oldest eco label, Blauer Engel (Blue Angel), found that RSB is the only certification system for biomass that fulfil their own rigorous requirements to be recognised under their own approach.

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