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Carolina Grassi

Business Development & Innovations Manager

Carolina is RSB’s Business Development & Innovations Manager. A biologist with a PhD in genetics and an MBA in Business Management, Carolina has dedicated her professional career to helping to achieve a balance between environmental protection and economic growth by establishing a sustainable and low-carbon circular economy.

She has spent much of her career working in research and innovation, with a focus on biomass, biofuels production and climate change. With over 9 years of experience in the field spent in private and public Brazilian institutions working on renewable energy and the bioeconomy, Carolina has been a researcher and executive manager and been involved in several of the largest projects of Brazilian bioeconomy, working with government representatives, civil society, public and private companies. Using science, innovation and the engagement of multiple stakeholders, she believes it is possible – and essential – that her work will lead to the realisation of a sustainable bioeconomy.

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