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Introducing: The RSB Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Programme


In an effort to ensure RSB members of civil society organisations receive the financial support needed to access opportunities and engagements, we have established the RSB Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Programme (MSEP).

As a global membership organisation, RSB depends on our multistakeholder community for their diverse inputs in the ongoing development of our globally recognised sustainability framework. We especially rely on our civil society members to help us ensure that the highest and most robust approach to social and environmental justice remains at the forefront of the transition to a net-positive world.

However, RSB recognises that these members – particularly those in the Global South – may have limited funding when it comes to leveraging all that RSB membership offers. As a result, we have committed up to 15% of our annual membership dues revenues to fund and support these important organisations.

Ensuring these members have access to our roster of events and engagements throughout the year not only provides capacity-building and networking opportunities to those that might not have otherwise been able to afford them, but also benefits our broader community by ensuring a healthy diversity of insight and contributions.

The MSEP has already allocated funding for eligible participants to join the 2023 RSB Annual Conference and the 2023 Formal Assembly of Delegates, as well as other RSB events and engagements throughout the year.

At the RSB Transition Leaders Forum in Singapore, the MSEP mobilised to bring 4 participants from civil society organisations to attend and speak on expert panels. Furthermore, plans are underway for the MSEP to provide similar support for members to join RSB events in Brazil later in the year.

Who is eligible?

  • RSB community members in Chambers 3 and/or 4, who serve as Board Directors or Delegates in our formal governance structure.
  • RSB community members in Chamber 5 and based in the Global South, who serve as Board Directors or Delegates in our formal governance structure.
  • RSB members in Chambers 3, 4 and/or 5, who are based in the Global South and actively engage in RSB platforms, standard development work or other projects.
  • In select circumstances, other civil society members or non-RSB members with potentially valuable contributions to an engagement may be considered.

What is covered?

  • Travel, lodge and associated costs for RSB Board Meetings and the Formal Assembly of Delegates.
  • Travel and associated costs for other RSB events and engagements.
  • Development of events supporting overall civil society engagement with RSB.

How do I apply?

RSB will welcome applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. RSB will also proactively contact identified organisations in the lead up to events.

If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above and are interested in applying, please reach out to Hannah Walker, RSB’s Outreach & Engagement Director, using the template found in the document, explaining your motivation to attend a specific event, and your expected contributions to content and discussions.

How can I support?

RSB welcomes interest from members who would like to support our efforts in building relevant civil society engagement within the community.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Make a specific donation to the MSEP to boost funding in a given year.
  • Work with RSB on opportunities to strengthen your NGO engagement by directly supporting your partner organisation to engage with RSB via membership.

Read the MSEP here.


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