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2BS joins RSB Impact Alliance to scale sustainability performance across supply chains


The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) and the 2BS Association (2BS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to scale trusted sustainability certification across aviation and materials supply chains. This collaboration is part of the RSB Impact Alliance project.

The association of both organisations through this RSB Impact Alliance aims to support farmers, brands and industrial end-users to develop consistent and streamlined certification approaches for entire supply chains, covering different feedstocks and markets. Together, RSB and 2BS envision a simplified certification process for operators to scale sustainability performance and the transition to net zero.

As part of the MoU, 2BS will develop guidelines for an additional voluntary “RSB module”. This module will be part of the 2BS system, and it will enable 2BS-certified operators to achieve RSB certification. This means that for those wanting to certify their crops, supply chains and end-products, ambitious sustainability certification can be achieved while avoiding unnecessary costs and reducing auditing times of multiple certifications. This approach dramatically reduces the burden on producers to demonstrate compliance, while incentivising better practices.

Partnering on the RSB Impact Alliance opens opportunities for the implementation of RSB’s robust and credible sustainability framework – bringing it to the rapidly-developing global bioeconomy market with a trusted partner in 2BS.

“A robust sustainability framework is crucial for future-proofing the transition to a bio-based and circular economy that will perform to the benefit of the planet and society. That is why I am so pleased to welcome 2BS to the RSB Impact Alliance to support and strengthen sustainability certification across supply chains.

“Together, we will work to ensure an environment that helps businesses to demonstrate compliance with the most robust of sustainability requirements as well as performance improvements, especially in the sustainable aviation fuel and material sectors. By combining RSB‘s framework and 2BS‘s certification solutions, this Impact Alliance will accelerate the measurable, scalable and positive impacts – for decarbonisation and beyond – to support the transition to a net-positive world.”Elena Schmidt, RSB Executive Director

2BS‘s mission is to value virtuous agricultural practices through sustainability certifications. We believe that investing in the supply chain as a whole is essential to reach minimal long-term effects on the environment – and virtuous agriculture practices offer great possibilities to help us achieve sustainability.

“Joining forces with RSB will enable us to bring our approach to new certifications and new markets, starting with the sustainable aviation fuel. The partnership between 2BS and RSB will enable a creative partnership between well-stablished sustainability certifications, and robust and credible sustainability framework to create long-term benefits on sustainability performance.”Bruno Berken, 2BS General Director.


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