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What is the RSB Registry?

The RSB Book & Claim Registry is a secure digital application for companies to participate in book and claim.

The RSB Registry allows suppliers of a sustainably certified fuel to decouple the sustainability attributes from the physical product and register it as a Book & Claim Unit (BCU).

Then, the BCU can be transferred to any buyer, anywhere in the world – independent of the physical product.

The RSB Registry will then track the transfer of these BCUs, issuing retirement statements to companies who want to make credible sustainability claims.

Key characteristics of the RSB Registry

  • Robust – The RSB Registry is built on strong sustainability principles that have been developed through genuine multi-stakeholder engagement processes.
  • Credible – It was founded on RSB’s certification infrastructure, meaning it delivers certified sustainability claims that are regularly independently audited.
  • Proven – It has been tested as a prototype for over 2 years and across several pilots in collaboration with industry leaders.
  • Ambitious – It currently covers various sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) use-cases, and will be expanding to further use-cases in aviation and shipping.

The RSB Registry forms part of the RSB Book & Claim System – a credible and effective chain-of-custody mechanism that aims to expand the outreach of sustainable fuels and accelerate the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation and shipping. For more information on the RSB Book & Claim System please visit click here.

How to use the RSB Registry

Using the RSB Registry is a three-step process:

If you have any questions or need some support, please don’t hesitate to contact customer support via the contact form in the menu.

The types of accounts

The RSB Registry supports the following account roles with others to be added soon:

Supplier accounts can issue BCUs on the Registry, but require a valid RSB Trader certification. They cannot retire BCUs, only transfer them to other company System Accounts, except those of the same account type.

Air Carrier accounts have Scope 1 emitter status and provide essential data to retire BCUs and receive associated claims. They can retire and transfer to any Scope 3 emitter account and retire on-behalf of a Corporate End-User account.

Freight Forwarder have Scope 3 emitter status and, if part of the BCU transfer process, are entitled to associated claims. They can retire and transfer or retire on-behalf of a Corporate End-User account.

Corporate End-User accounts have Scope 3 emitter status and can retire BCUs with the entitlement of associated claims. They can request Air Carrier Scope 1 emitter information, if not already provided, to make a BCU eligible for retirement.

Sustainability Auditor accounts are used to conduct RSB Trader certification audits, providing them with read-only access to a Supplier’s account and transaction data upon request.


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Why did RSB develop a registry?

In the absence of definitive market solutions, companies have started exploring book and claim on their own, meaning there is no common standard or data harmonisation. That’s why we have developed the RSB Book & Claim Registry – to provide a secure and credible space for companies to test their operations, prioritising ecosystem harmonisation and market collaboration.  

RSB is well-positioned to facilitate a book and claim registry. Our work has consistently prioritised sustainability and decarbonisation through a multi-stakeholder process, which is particularly evident in the RSB Book & Claim Manual. And so, since we already have an operational certification system for the full supply chain, we realised that we should also provide a way for companies to practically implement our RSB Book & Claim Manual.

After more than two years of designing, developing and piloting with multiple partners, we brought the RSB Book & Claim Registry to the market as a web-application – an integral part of the RSB Book & Claim System.

The RSB Registry serves as the initial step for organisations entering the world of book and claim. Rather than competing with other independent registries, the RSB Registry will support and work with these initiatives – acting as a dynamic learning environment and fostering a registry ecosystem that further mitigates the risk of double counting.

To further promote a harmonised registry ecosystem (and later, interoperability), we will be developing the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Framework, which will give the market the confidence it needs to ensure that claims generated by different registries are based on the same robust standards.

Click here to read more about RSB’s approach to book and claim


Based on the account role on the RSB Registry, an invoice will be issued after successfully applying for a registry account. For more details on the pricing regulations, please refer to the Fee Schedule and Terms & Conditions, accessible from the Resources tab.


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