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RSB Book & Claim Trader Certification

Book and claim enables suppliers to reach many more customers than possible with physical, mass balance supply chains, and, while the customer may not technically fly or ship their goods on sustainable fuels, their purchase demonstrates market demand and supports the development of supply globally. In turn, they may claim the environmental benefits towards their voluntary GHG emissions reduction targets.

Companies wishing to register sustainable aviation (and soon marine) fuels as ‘Book & Claim Units’ in the RSB Book & Claim Registry must hold a RSB Trader certification, covering the chain of custody and other management practices.

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Certification context

RSB Trader certification can be achieved against any of the RSB Fuel certification schemes:

  • RSB Global

However, please note that sustainable fuel that has been registered as BCU in the RSB Registry will lose all of its regulatory claims at this time and can only be claimed against voluntary targets. To keep abreast of the RSB policy work within book and claim, please sign up for our newsletter.

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RSB book and claim programme

Book and claim is a chain-of-custody model, according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in which the administrative record flow does not necessarily connect to the physical flow of material or product throughout the supply chain.

Through RSB’s book and claim programme, we are leading the development of a credible and effective book-and-claim mechanism, the RSB Book & Claim System, which aims to expand the accessibility of sustainable fuels and accelerate the decarbonisation of hard to abate sectors such as aviation and shipping.

The RSB Book & Claim System includes the RSB Book & Claim Manual (normative procedure), the RSB Registry (digital data storage system), and the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Framework.

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