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RSB introduces Book & Claim Registry tool to drive sustainable decarbonisation in the transport sector


In the urgent quest for sustainable decarbonisation, the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) has reached a significant milestone by launching the RSB Book & Claim Registry, an integral part of the RSB Book & Claim System.

The RSB Registry is a secure digital tool, which is set to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable solutions within the transport sector by accommodating a robust process for decoupling sustainability attributes from certified renewable fuels. One of its primary functions is to reduce the risk of double-counting, a crucial step in ensuring the credibility of emissions reduction claims. This achievement comes after more than two years of dedicated work by the RSB team and its members, reflecting their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

At its core, RSB is all about collaboration. The organisation actively engages with a diverse range of stakeholders, from industry experts to environmental organisations, ensuring that its solutions align with broad expectations. The RSB Registry stands as a testament to this collaborative approach. It has, and will continue to evolve, through stakeholder consultations and pilot programs – fostering credibility in partnership with industry, NGOs and academia.

The RSB Registry is designed as the first step for organisations looking to engage in the world of book and claim systems. It provides a secure and credible platform that emphasises ecosystem harmonisation and collaboration in the market – facilitating the tracking of sustainability attributes derived from sustainable aviation fuels and other renewable fuels in the future. By simplifying the process, it allows new market entrants to harness the benefits of book and claim systems to meet their specific needs.

The RSB Book & Claim Manual is widely regarded as a lighthouse of international best practice. Establishing common best practices is an urgent imperative. If we, as a global community, aspire to ensure the success of book and claim as a trusted decarbonisation solution, we must work hard to maintain credibility and public trust.

If trust falters, the viability of book and claim as a solution is at risk. To perpetuate and nurture that trust, RSB is committed to fostering harmonisation across diverse initiatives, advocating for the global adoption of the best practices we have developed through extensive stakeholder consultations, real-world testing, and the accumulation of expertise – all under the umbrella of RSB’s sustainability-driven, not-for-profit, cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach.

In a world where sustainable decarbonisation is an urgent imperative, the launch of the RSB Registry marks a significant step forward. Built on the strong principles of RSB’s sustainability framework – and with its focus on collaboration, credibility and simplification – this innovative tool promises to accelerate progress toward a more sustainable future in the transport sector.

Visit the RSB Book & Claim Registry website to discover more.


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