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RSB members have the opportunity to apply for dues reductions, offsets and waivers when they apply for membership, and then again at the start of the calendar year, once RSB membership dues invoices have been sent out.

When applying for a dues offset, reduction or waiver with an organisation’s member application, the request needs to be included in the application cover letter. A template for this cover letter can be found here. Member applicants will not have another opportunity to apply for an offset, waiver or reduction until the following calendar year if they fail to include these details in their cover letter.

When applying for a dues waiver, reduction or offset as an existing member at the start of the calendar year, please use this link.

IMPORTANT: Please note all of the below opportunities must be applied for on an annual basis and no reduction, offset or waiver may be applied across more than one calendar year. Members in Chamber 3, 4, and academic institutions and organisations located in the Global South in Chamber 5 do not pay membership dues. All applications are subject to the approval of the RSB Board of Directors.

Types of reductions, offsets and waivers:

Dues offset

Enacted on a case-by-case basis in close work with the RSB team, members can offset up to 50% of their membership dues for the calendar year by providing fully documented financial support for RSB activities including event venue provision, flights, hosting site visits, and more. Please email RSB’s Membership and Events Officer, Aléz Odendaal, for more (alez.odendaal[@]

Temporary Hardship

Temporary hardship dues waivers are available for members in Chamber 1 and Chamber 2 who are experiencing a short-term period of financial distress. For existing RSB members, the previous year’s dues must be paid up for the application for this waiver to be processed.

You will need to provide a rationale explaining the temporary nature of your organisation’s financial, hardship, detailing your organisation’s commitment to continued engagement with RSB, alternative contributions your organisation may provide in this calendar year, and plan for future dues payments. You will also need to attach up to three documents as supporting evidence, such as a signed letter from your RSB key contact(s), a high-level operational budget for the year, or the previous year’s annual report with financials. Temporary hardship waivers can only be granted twice.

In-kind contributions

This fee waiver is available only to non-academic members of Chamber 5 outside of the Global South. Membership dues can be waived through contributions to RSB’s work.

To evaluate an application for a dues reduction based on in-kind contributions, you will need to provide details of your role in RSB’s governance (Board member, Delegate, RSB Platform Chair or Co-Chair) where applicable, or describe any other contributions you may be able to provide e.g. engagement on one or more of RSB’s platforms.

Mutual membership

This option is available to other membership organisations and these are also decided on a case-by-case basis through RSB’s work with the membership organisation in question. Please email RSB’s Membership and Events Officer, Aléz Odendaal, for more (alez.odendaal[@]

Start-up reduction

Members and prospective members in Chambers 1 and 2 in Fee Bands 1 and 2 may be eligible for a 70% start-up dues reduction if the organisation is within its first three years of operation. You will need to provide an official document with your date of incorporation and you will need to commit to regular and active participation in one of RSB’s platforms and working groups. The dues reduction is available for each year in the first three years of operation but not thereafter. For example:

If an applicant was incorporated in 2024 and successfully becomes an RSB member in Chamber 1, Fee Band 1 in 2024, they are eligible for a start-up dues reduction in 2024, 2025, and 2026. If the same company were incorporated in 2021, they would only be eligible for the start-up dues reduction for 2024.

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