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RSB’s Impact Alliance: Making certification work better, together


The RSB Impact Alliance is a new model for certification – designed to scale climate action and sustainability impacts at the rapid rate required to meet global goals on decarbonisation and the climate crisis.

Sustainability certification is at a crossroads.

An increasing number of companies are looking to certify their operations to the highest standards, but the reality of complex compliance is holding them back. At the moment, the certification market is such that a single raw material producer might be required to hold multiple different certifications – all requiring management systems, audits and different compliance mechanisms. This disincentivises and delays the level of sustainability certification required, even when demand from brands and other end users is high.

RSB’s Impact Alliance model aims to solve this challenge.

The RSB Impact Alliance is a deeply collaborative approach and allows partner certification systems to apply RSB’s environmental and social sustainability requirements in their own system– without demanding a parallel certification. Importantly, this removes red tape and dramatically reduces the burden on producers to demonstrate compliance, while incentivising better practices.

This new partnership is already being developed through Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) – between RSB and CertifHy to accelerate the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy, and between RSB and 2BSvs to scale sustainability certification across aviation and materials supply chains.

“Systemic, enduring and comprehensive change is needed. We need to move away from a fossil-based, linear economy and towards a bio-based, circular economy. But the current certification model is broken. By combining our sustainability framework with other certification solutions, the RSB Impact Alliance will accelerate the just and sustainable to a net-positive world.”Elena Schmidt, RSB Executive Director.

Looking ahead, RSB aims to build a comprehensive network of partner certification systems to operationalise the RSB Impact Alliance – with a formal launch planned in late 2023. If you would like to know more about our the RSB Impact Alliance, contact [email protected].


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