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RSB P&C Amendment Approved for 1-year Pilot Period, Other Standard Amendments Approved

At the RSB Assembly of Delegates on 1 December 2022, RSB’s revised Principles & Criteria (P&C) were approved by the RSB membership community for a one-year pilot period. During this period, RSB participating operators will be invited to pilot the revised requirements, provide feedback and further refine these revisions to RSB’s foundational sustainability requirements.

During 2023, operators will be able to pilot the revised requirements on continuous improvement, FPIC (free, prior and informed consent), GHG reduction thresholds, human and labour rights, food security, soil carbon, water management, air quality, land use, and more. By approving this revision for a pilot period, RSB invites further feedback from those using the requirements in practice to share feedback and insights, before any decision to implement the new requirements fully.

The updates to the P&C can be accessed here.

“RSB is glad to be working with our certified participating operators and members, to further enhance and clarify the revisions to RSB’s robust sustainability framework – the Principles and Criteria. By holding a pilot process, we are able to ensure that all updates are robust, clear and will make a genuine contribution to ensuring positive impacts can be created by the biocircular economy,” said RSB’s Technical Director, Nicola Noponen.

In addition, two major amendments were made to RSB’s Standard for Advanced Fuels (Global scope):

  • Requirements on Power-to-X technologies to support the growth of this emerging field with robust and consistent sustainability requirements. – including definitions of and requirements for certifying electrofuels, renewable hydrogen and renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBOs).
  • Requirements to allow flexible allocation of sustainable feedstock to an output of choice. The new requirements on accounting, bookkeeping, balancing period and assessment boundary rules among others, align with the RSB Standard for Advanced Products, supporting supply chains to scale the bio-based and circular economy – while ensuring robust chain of custody and claims rules are in place. This will ensure that RSB’s Standard for Advanced Fuels will continues to advance the global transition to a sustainable biocircular economy.

These amendments will also shortly be available on the RSB website.   



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