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Nicola Noponen

Technical Director

Nicola is responsible for the development of new RSB standards and procedures, and the continuous improvement of existing ones. This involves interaction with RSB’s membership, scientific experts, and stakeholder community to ensure that the RSB standards rely on solid science and state-of-the-art practices in standards development. Nicola also leads RSB’s engagement with the chemicals and polymers sector — through business development, the implementation of advisory services, support to members, and more.

Prior to joining RSB, Nicola worked for ten years as a consultant on supply chain sustainability specialising in the climate impacts of land-use systems, including field work and technical analyses in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Turkey and Zambia. She also spent a year working with indigenous communities in Guyana’s hinterland on sustainable agroforestry and skills training, and it is the connection with people and nature that drives Nicola to ensure that RSB’s standards function as a mechanism to create positive impacts for all. Nicola holds an MSc (distinction) in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.

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