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RSB Board of Directors is enriched with experience and expertise

At the RSB Formal Assembly of Delegates, the multi-stakeholder community at RSB elected two new board of directors: Adam Klauber and James Onchieku.

Adam Klauber is Vice President of Sustainability and ESG at World Energy, LLC. where he leads efforts to drive down carbon intensity, commercialise book and claim transactions to minimise fuel miles/km and unlock capital on a global scale. World Energy operates the world’s first SAF production plant and is the first SAF producer to earn RSB certification.

Dr. James Onchieku is a Senior Lecturer and Chief Research Scientist at Kisii University in Kisii, Kenya, and his current research interest focuses on modern bioenergy. Dr. Onchieku is also a Principal Investigator in the World Bank-sponsored Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture (KCSAP) project, in collaboration with Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and Egerton University in Njoro, Kenya.

In addition, three of RSB’s existing Directors have been elected for additional terms.

Chair of the Board, Maiju Helin, has been elected to continue for a term of one year. Maiju Helin is Head of Sustainability and Regulatory Transformation at Neste. She has 15 years’ experience in biofuels and renewable polymers and chemicals in the field of sustainability, regulation and business development.

Vice Chair of the Board, Laurel Harmon, has been elected to continue for a term of one year. Dr. Laurel Harmon is VP of Government Relations at LanzaTech. Dr. Harmon received her PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Michigan and has over 30 years’ experience in policy matters and technology development.

RSB Treasurer, Andrew Pozniak, now continues with the RSB Board of Directors for three further years. Andrew Pozniak is Founder and a Senior Director of Green Aviation. His has had more than 20 years’ experience with British Airways and IATA, where he gained extensive operations, project delivery, business planning and management experience.

This brings the total directors serving on the RSB Board of Directors to 8 and both increases the breadth of expertise and experience that will support RSB in its mission to drive the transformation to a sustainable bio-based and circular economy, as well as ensuring continuity with the current Board who have contributed significant leadership and strategic direction to the growing organisation.

Remarking on the expanding board, RSB’s Executive Director Elena Schmidt had this to say: “The RSB Board of Directors provide incredibly vital support and guidance to the RSB Secretariat. I am thrilled to see our Board growing with rich expertise and to continue working with Maiju, Laurel and Andrew who have been instrumental in supporting the extraordinary growth and impact achieved by RSB and its incredible collaborative network.”

Last week, we had the pleasure to participate in RSB’s Annual Conference and Formal Assembly of Delegates. I’m stunned to see the growth of interest in the RSB with growing participation and with the evolving activity field of the RSB in promoting a just transition towards bio-based and circular economy. I’m also personally honoured to serve one more year in the RSB Board of Directors beyond the typical terms. I’m truly excited to continue to support the RSB to widen its place as the leading voice for both industry and civil society to drive positive impact and to act as the convener of different stakeholders on our joint journey.” – Maiju Helin

RSB has a unique role advancing rigorous sustainability standards for harder-to-abate industries, while co-developing innovative market instruments. I am inspired join an organisation that grows public trust in new and emerging greenhouse gas management strategies. RSB’s Book and Claim System is crucial to eliminate unnecessary transport kilometres and their associated emissions. It is costly and often not viable, to deliver renewable products to every location where they are needed. And RSB has a credible, within the value chain, solution to accelerate the energy transition for companies and organisations with bold climate commitments.” – Adam Klauber

RSB as a global non-profit making organisation is truly a game changer in reversing the negative impacts of climate change in the near future through promotion of its innovative bio-based and circular bioeconomies approach. It is amazing how the RSB management has managed to tap into the wide range of technical expertise of international stakeholders who are trailblazers in their own right.” – James Onchieku.



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