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Adam Klauber

World Energy, LLC - Chair of RSB Board - Chamber 1

Adam Klauber is Vice President of Sustainability and ESG at World Energy, LLC. where he leads efforts to drive down carbon intensity, commercialise book and claim transactions to minimise fuel miles/km and unlock capital on a global scale. World Energy operates the world’s first SAF production plant and is the first SAF producer to earn RSB certification.

In his previous work at RMI, Adam cofounded the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) with the Environmental Defense Fund. He was the chief architect of the sustainable aviation fuel certificate (SAFc) concept, a first-of-its-kind market instrument to address scope 3 (indirect) emissions in the supply chain. The SAFc project is a collaboration between RMI, the World Economic Forum, and PwC under the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Program, with contributions from stakeholders across the air transport value chain. Adam has also led research as Principal Investigator for four National Academy climate related projects, helped to launch sustainability programs for the Federal Aviation Administration and earned a graduate degree from Columbia University, New York, in Environmental Science and Policy.

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