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RSB announces new cross-sector initiative to navigate and enhance sustainability across the complex biomass policy landscape

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) has announced a new cross-sectoral platform for its members and invited stakeholders to navigate the complex biomass policy landscape and grow knowledge of sustainability topics.

To accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and bio-based circular economy, businesses must make bold investment decisions in shifting to new feedstocks and technologies. However, the multitude of policies evolving in different geographies and sectors – such as aviation, chemicals, consumer goods and shipping – makes decision-making complex.

The RSB Sustainable Biomass Policy Platform will provide a central place to bring together all those who are impacted by the complex policy landscape.

With a focus on primary biomass feedstock, the platform is further a place to collaborate and co-create informed and effective positions – grounded in sustainability best practice – to support policy-makers to achieve consistency and ensure that the full potential of the bioeconomy is realised for both people and the planet.

As a cross-sectoral membership platform that brings together industry, civil society, academia and other engaged stakeholders, members will build and share knowledge on matters that impact them most. Furthermore, they will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how biomass policies and incentives outside of their own sectors may impact feedstock sourcing decisions within their own, developing white papers and positions to advance consistent best-in-class sustainability into the policy arena.

Initial plans for the Sustainable Biomass Policy Platform will be to define key geographies and policy landscapes for focus, identify policy-level knowledge gaps the are currently stalling progress in business-level decision-making, and agree key outputs that this platform can contribute to overcome barriers.

“I am excited to launch RSB’s new Sustainable Biomass Policy Platform that will for the first time bring together sectors that do not traditionally sit down at the table together – to share and understand common needs, work solutions and ultimately ensure policy frameworks become enablers to scale the sustainable bioeconomy,” says Nicola Noponen, RSB’s Technical Director.

If you would like to learn more about the RSB Sustainable Biomass Policy Platform, click here.

The Platform will be open to RSB members only. To learn more about becoming an RSB member, click here.



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