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Andres Roberts is final keynote speaker at RSB Annual Conference 2022


We are excited to announce the final keynote speaker of this year’s RSB Annual Conference is Andres Roberts!

Andres Roberts is a guide, educator and leadership advisor working towards new forms of human progress, with nature. His work brings together innovative approaches to leadership and change, wisdom from ancient cultures and deep work with nature to support more generative forms of living and working for our times.

He is the founding partner of The Bio-Leadership Project, an initiative helping to grow new forms of leadership and human innovation by doing it with nature, and the co-founder of Way of Nature UK, a project working with contemporary rites of passage to support deep transformation. Today, he supports a range of people and organisations, from Patagonia to pioneering leadership schools like THNK and the Amani Institute, and alliances such as the World Benchmarking Alliance.

Behind his work, Andres is interested in how to lead more whole lives and how to nurture a more whole world. These matters have taken him on a journey through learning, leadership and sustainability – and then deep into the wilderness, where he once sat alone on a mountain for 28 days, and to study with wise and wonderful teachers and elders from around the world. Today, he respectfully brings some of these lessons back to modern life – and his TEDx Talk “How would nature change leadership” has quickly made its way onto the global TED platform within weeks of giving the talk.



Mr. Roberts will be the keynote speaker on Day 3 of the RSB Annual Conference – a day of centred around the theme “SCALE”.

Elizabeth Wathuti will be the keynote speaker on Day 1 – a day of centred around the theme “INNOVATE”.
Suzanne Simard will be the keynote speaker on Day 2 – a day of centred around the theme “BUILD”.

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