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Greencrude Pioneer Alder Fuels Joins RSB to Help Revolutionize Low-Carbon Fuel and Chemical Production

Alder Fuels, a clean tech developer and greencrude producer, has joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). Alder Fuels uses abundant sustainable biomass, such as regenerative grasses, forest residues, and agricultural waste products, to create low-carbon to carbon-negative Alder Greencrude (AGC). AGC can be refined into SAF, chemicals, and other low-carbon fuels using existing bio and petroleum refinery infrastructure.

By becoming an RSB member, Alder Fuels seeks to contribute to standards-setting and critical policy discussions that advance the production of SAF, chemicals, and other low carbon fuels; pivotal building blocks to fast-track the decarbonization of our economy by 2050. With increased federal and state-level attention on the sector, and a huge step forward in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States, the time for rapid commercialization and scale up is here.

“We are putting sustainability and transparency at the core of every part of our AGC production process and are excited to join RSB to advance our mission,” said Bryan Sherbacow, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Alder Fuels. “Collaborative forums such as this scale access to best practices, enabling establishment of standards which ensure the integrity of sustainable use of our natural resources. With record droughts, rising sea levels and changing temperatures around the world, tackling the destructive causes of climate change is the most important challenge facing us all. We cannot wait to join this community, support our industry colleagues, and play our part.”

RSB is a global membership organisation that has been guiding sector transformation to bio-based and circular models for over a decade. The RSB Standard, the world’s most trusted and peer-reviewed sustainability framework, has been developed by the organisation’s multi-stakeholder membership, and is a uniquely robust and credible foundation for supporting innovative solutions to the climate crisis. RSB uses this foundation to develop projects, new knowledge and best-practices that equip key decision-makers to deliver positive impacts for people and the planet.

“I am thrilled to welcome Alder Fuels to the RSB community. Our collaborative network represents pioneers and leaders on a journey towards a just and sustainable bioeconomy, and Alder Fuels’ membership gives us further confidence that we are on the right track to achieve our mission – especially when it comes to advancing SAF and transforming the aviation sector. We are excited to share the benefits of RSB membership with Alder Fuels, and we look forward to supporting them in accelerating the global transition to a zero-carbon economy,” says Elena Schmidt, RSB’s Executive Director.

When calculating the fuel production carbon life cycle from field to wingtip, AGC-derived SAF can achieve GHG reductions of 80% compared to petroleum jet fuel, and Alder is incentivizing the production of regenerative energy grasses enabling carbon-negative SAF. AGC-derived SAF will meet current aviation specifications and is currently in the process of global certification as a 100% drop-in replacement for petroleum-based jet fuel. Chemicals refined from AGC will have comparable carbon life cycle reductions.

As well as being invited to contribute to the continuous development of the RSB Standard, Alder Fuels will also benefit from global recognition and access to industry initiatives and policy platforms that are shaping future markets, such as the SAF Policy Platform, the Power-to-X Working Group, and the soon-to-be-announced Sustainable Biomass Policy Platform.


About RSB
The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global, multi-stakeholder and independent organisation that drives the development of a bio-based and circular economy. RSB has the world’s most trusted, peer-reviewed, global certification standard for sustainable biomaterials, biofuels and biomass production, from which it provides credible tools and solutions for sustainability that mitigate business risk and contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. For more information, visit

About Alder Fuels
Alder Fuels is helping to power the global clean energy transformation and race to net zero through the conversion of natural biomass into low-carbon to carbon-negative Alder Greencrude (AGC). This greencrude can then be converted into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), other low-carbon fuels, and chemicals using existing global refinery equipment and infrastructure. Bryan Sherbacow, Alder Fuels President & CEO, has a proven record for the development and commercial deployment of novel technology, including the world’s first refinery designed to produce renewable jet and military-grade fuels. Alder Fuels is backed by Honeywell UOP, United Ventures, AvFuel, Boeing, the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of Energy (DOE), and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). For more information, visit




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