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Speaker announcement: Who to expect at the RSB Innovations Meeting

Figure 1: Speakers have been announced for the RSB Innovations Meeting


With the RSB Innovations Meeting only 2 weeks away, we are excited to share a list of confirmed speakers for the full-day conference (5th October), representing innovators and industry leaders from a wide range of sectors and organisations like Boeing, GE Aviation, World Energy, Campbell Consulting – Clean Economy Works LLC, CAAFI, NWF, UPM, US Dept of Transport, United Airlines, IATA, Amazon, Argonne National Laboratory, WWF, LanzaTech, Heineken, FAA Office of Environment and Energy, Port of Seattle, San Francisco Airport, EDF, ClimateWorks, Ørsted and Twelve  – and more on their way!

See below:

  • 9am-9:15amWelcoming Plenary
    Elena Schmidt (Executive Director, RSB)

  • 9:15am-9:30amKeynote
    Valentina Vecchio (Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships, Strategy Leader, Boeing)

  • 9:15am-9:30amKeynote
    Gene Gebolys (CEO, World Energy)
  • 9:50am-11am Sustainable biomass policies: From headwind to tailwind for a strong bioeconomy
    Todd Campbell (Campbell Consulting – Clean Economy Works LLC)
    Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
    David DeGennaro (NWF)
    Oona Koski (UPM)
    Andres Franco (Procter & Gamble)

  • 11:30am-11:40amKeynote
    Allen Paxson (VP and GM of Commercial Programs Strategy, GE Aviation)

  • 11:40am-1:10pmImpact accelerator: A session of the RSB SAF Policy Platform on book and claim
    Kristin Lewis (US Dept of Transport)
    Aaron Robinson (United Airlines)
    Daniel Chereau (IATA)
    Abby Donovan (Amazon)
    Colleen Zumpf (Argonne National Laboratory)
    John Holler (WWF)

  • 11:40am-1:10pm – Disrupting certification to scale the bioeconomy
    Alix Grabowski (WWF) with inputs prepared by organisations including LanzaTech and Heineken

  • 3pm-4:30pm Innovative solutions to decarbonise aviation: The role of airports
    Dr Anna Oldani (FAA Office of Environment and Energy)
    Stephanie Meyn (Port of Seattle)
    Erin Cooke (San Francisco Airport)

  • 3pm-4:30pmPower-to-X: Validating sustainability and creating confidence
    Pedro Piris (EDF)
    Anna Stratton (ClimateWorks)
    Katrine Stenvang (Ørsted)
    Andrew Stevenson (Twelve)

  • 5pm-5:15pmWrap up
    Elena Schmidt (RSB)
    Maiju Helin (Neste)

For more details on the sessions, please see here.

Further details for the welcoming cocktail (4th October), group dinner sponsored by GE Aviation (5th October) and the site visit sponsored by World Energy (6th October) will be made available in due course.



Please note, the RSB Annual Conference 2022 will take place from 28th November to 1st December. Registrations are also open for this event. Click here for more info.

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