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RSB revises the Principles & Criteria (P&C) ahead of RSB Annual Conference 2022

The RSB, together with its multi-stakeholder membership community, is in the process of revising our flagship sustainability standard – the RSB Principles & Criteria (RSB-STD-01-001).

In 2021, the public consultation of Phase 1 generated informative and insightful feedback, which we appreciate. If you would like to read a synthesis of the feedback received during the public consultation of Phase 1, please click here.

Figure 1: RSB is in the process of revising its flagship sustainability standard


RSB is now working on revising the Principles & Criteria (P&C)

This revision process begins at a pivotal moment for the circular bioeconomy, with businesses across all sectors – especially within RSB’s collaborative network – re-evaluating the sustainability of their business models and aligning their climate commitments with the Paris Agreement.

At the same time, policy makers are defining ambitious regional and sector-specific frameworks for sustainability and climate change mitigation, the finance sector is exploring new sustainable finance models, and multilateral organisations are looking for new ways to invest significant funds that create multiple positive impacts and resilient futures. Within all of these endeavours, RSB’s robust sustainability framework – set out in the RSB P&C – is frequently highlighted as a flagship model for sustainable production, and used as a basis for investment to mitigate sustainability risks.

As a central focus, RSB proposes to review the P&C through a climate-smart lens, with the ambition to facilitate feedstock producers and their supply chains to increase productivity, enhance resilience and reduce GHG emissions.

Once the current revision is complete, we look forward to inviting you to contribute your input to the RSB P&C, and help support the creation of innovative solutions that transform global economies from extractive to restorative. By fostering collaboration and creating positive impacts for people and planet, we hope to deliver on the promise of the bioeconomy.


What happens next?

The next steps in the revision of P&C are:

  1. Revision of the P&C – due for draft completion in August/September 2022.
  2. RSB members will be notified once complete.
  3. Feedback by RSB members on the draft P&C – due thereafter.
  4. Revisions will be presented for approval by the RSB Assembly of Delegates at the RSB Annual Conference 2022.



RSB Annual Conference 2022

As mentioned, the revised RSB Principles & Criteria (P&C) will be presented for approval during the RSB Annual Conference – RSB’s flagship event.

From 28th November to 1st December 2022, we will host our second fully-virtual annual conference, titled ‘Positive Impacts and Collaboration: Delivering on the Promise of the Bioeconomy‘.

Figure 2: Registrations are now open to the RSB Annual Conference 2022


Access to the RSB Annual Conference is free for members and available to non-members at 200 Euros – which gives you access to 4 days of events and discussions covering topics including the revision of the RSB P&C, implementing RSB’s sustainability framework in the real world, and much more.


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