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LanzaJet and NISA join growing RSB membership community

RSB’s community of members continues to grow with LanzaJet and NISA joining in recent weeks to collaborate on driving the development of our best-in-class sustainability standard, supporting the needs of evolving bio-based and circular economies.

RSB’s membership community collaborates to develop new knowledge and insights on the cutting-edge challenges facing industry and works together to make a sustainable transition a reality. We do this through working groups, standard development, learning sessions, and more.

The input of expert members – from across our broad membership body – provides the vital practicality and credibility which makes RSB the standard of choice for committed sustainability leaders.

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LanzaJet is a leading sustainable fuels technology company dedicated to carbon recycling and expanding sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and renewable diesel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the decarbonisation of the aviation and ground transportation industries, serving as both an established SAF technology provider and a sustainable fuels producer. They use waste-based, sustainable ethanol – that is not made from either food or feed – as a building block to produce our fuels.

Our membership in RSB is vital to our mission in helping the aviation industry transition to a more sustainable future,” Jimmy Samartzis, LanzaJet CEO, said. “It also reinforces our commitment to support other industries and find sustainable solutions to our world’s greatest challenges through collaborative partnerships.


NISA is a Nordic association working to promote and develop a more sustainable aviation industry, with a specific focus on sustainable aviation fuels and the development of new propellants for the aviation sector, including accelerating the development and the commercialisation of sustainable fuels and electric- and hydrogen-driven aircraft. NISA and its members organise activities, initiate, and participate in projects and analyses, strengthening the cooperation across the value chain and by focusing on opportunities in the Nordic region.

Remarking on their membership of RSB, NISA’s Director for Sustainable Aviation, Martin Porsgaard, had this so say, “NISA prioritises working across organisations and national borders, enters into several collaborative relationships and therefore also looks forward to this mutual RSB-NISA membership can for both organizations contribute to promoting the development of a future sustainable aviation.”

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