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RSB’s team in the time of coronavirus: Tina Gyane

RSB’s global team are used to working remotely, but we are all making adjustments to respond to the changing situations we find ourselves in. With team members in 8 countries we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to everyone and let them tell you a bit about what they’re working on and how COVID-19 is affecting their everyday lives.

Tina Gyane, Finance & Administration Manager, based in Vienna:

Austria started lockdown measures on March 12. They tightened the measures over the course of 4 days until a total lockdown on March 15. We are allowed to go out for a walk with people in our household, but no more than 5 at the same time, and always keeping distance from strangers at all times. We can do essential shopping. That’s about it.

The complete disruption of normalcy still sometimes feel surreal, but I tell myself that I am privileged in this situation. I have access to a garden and am surrounded by my kids who keep the positive energy high. I live on the outskirts of Vienna next to a forest, so we can go for long walks. My heart goes out to people in less fortunate situations during lockdown.

At RSB we are able to continue seamlessly as this is how we have been operating for years. I’ve always appreciated the flexibility of a remote job in adapting to different life circumstances. I hope other companies will see the benefits of offering home office to their employees.

I wish that through this tragedy, humanity realises the importance of listening to scientists’ warnings and advice when it comes to the current climate emergency.

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