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RSB’s team in the time of coronavirus: Hannah Walker

RSB’s global team are used to working remotely, but we are all making adjustments to respond to the changing situations we find ourselves in. With team members in 8 countries we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to everyone and let them tell you a bit about what they’re working on and how COVID-19 is affecting their everyday lives.

Hannah Walker, Marketing and Communications Manager, based in Cape Town:

South Africa has gone on to a very strict lockdown – we are only permitted to leave the house for food & healthcare – and I’m hopeful that it will slow the spread to the most vulnerable communities here. I’m lucky to have a view of Table Mountain from my small apartment and I’m grateful to have a safe home to isolate in. The city is quiet & most of the time all I can hear is birdsong – and my extremely loud typing!

The RSB team are remote working pros! I’m busy with plans for our Annual Meeting in San Francisco (we’re still hoping to host it in October, but are keeping options open), updates to our website, some exciting webinars & loads more.

I hope that the world comes out of this pandemic with a greater respect & duty of care to our planet. Our relationship with nature must change if we want to prevent future disasters: disease, climate catastrophe and more.

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