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RSB’s team in the time of coronavirus: Stephen Wetmore

RSB’s global team are used to working remotely, but we are all making adjustments to respond to the changing situations we find ourselves in. With team members in 8 countries we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to everyone and let them tell you a bit about what they’re working on and how COVID-19 is affecting their everyday lives.

Stephen Wetmore, RSB’s Business Development Director, based in Amsterdam:

Living in a city that sees more than 17 million visitors a year, the impacts of a lockdown on a small city like Amsterdam seem to be amplified. What are normally bustling streets and canals, restaurants, museums and tourist attractions are now starkly empty and silent.
On the up-side, we are allowed to take walks, cycle and exercise, enjoying the city’s beauty and its surrounding countryside. And it is wonderful to note – while socially distancing of course – how engaged and communicative we have become, and how we again appreciate the immediate wonders of nature that surround us.
RSB has always operated remotely, so you would think we would have the practice of working from home completely mastered. With many of our partners also at home we are picking up new habits – like our new informal team coffee breaks! We really need to harness the power of community and collective action… for sharing information and knowledge, and ideas and experiences too. If we can do this more intentionally, I know we can overcome this pandemic and, importantly, rapidly solve the other major challenges facing humanity.

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