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UK-based fibre innovators Tensei join RSB

RSB is pleased to announce another new member of our community with Tensei, an R&D innovator in pulp-based materials, joining its multi-sector global association of industry leaders, NGOs, government organisations and academia. Tensei’s research and development focuses primarily on the use of pulp-based feedstock but it is also working on other interesting uses  – particularly using non-wood fibre to unlock significant carbon savings – to develop materials that minimise global dependence on virgin wood fibres. There is a natural potential for Tensei to partner with other members to look at secondary yields from their waste streams.

With the adoption of pulp from agricultural sources still in its infancy in many markets, Tensei is determined to ensure that this growing sector adheres to the highest levels of sustainability – which is why they have chosen to join the RSB community.

“We want to ensure that sustainability certification for crop-based pulps is of the same level as that for wood pulp so we spent a lot of time investigating existing sustainability standards and found that RSB – recommended by both WWF and Canopy – aligned with our sustainability values and had the core competencies to work with agricultural materials and a variety of supply chains,” explained Annabelle Cox, CEO of Tensei, adding, “We look forward to working with RSB to further develop their approach for agricultural fibres as this important sector grows so that industry can adopt these materials with confidence.”

As a member of RSB, Tensei will play an active role in driving the development of our best-in-class sustainability standard to fulfil the needs to the growing and evolving bio-based and circular economy. The input of expert members – from across our broad membership body – provides the vital practicality and credibility which makes RSB the standard of choice for committed sustainability leaders.

Welcoming Tensei to RSB’s community, Executive Director Rolf Hogan had this to say, “Tensei come to us with a huge amount of ambition and expertise to transform the pulp-based material landscape and we look forward to working with them to make this transition truly sustainable. It’s fantastic to see companies looking to sustainability from the very early days – looking ahead to potential impacts of a growing sector and seeking to ensure they are driving positive change shows the real leadership and systems thinking that our changing world needs.”

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