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June 2019 Newsletter

A very warm welcome to our mid-year update!

What a year it’s been so far! With time flying past, RSB continues its work in so many different and new areas to increase our collective footprint and shared impact around the world. This is great news for our community, and for everyone concerned about social and environmental sustainability and the fight on climate change – everywhere our practical and credible services, solutions, and standard are implemented on the ground ensures real sustainability is in action.

In the past few months we’ve seen renewed commitments to RSB Certification from Boeing, KLM and SkyNRG; RSB’s very first certification in Indonesia; new members in Africa and Australia; and 3 new faces on the RSB team!

We were pleased to see the release of the Ellen MacArthur CE100 Whitepaper on Enabling a Circular Economy for Chemicals with the Mass Balance Approach with contributions from RSB members like UPM and BASF. The paper calls for a workable approach to enable the chemicals industry to benefit from the circular economy via a set of rules to ensure traceability of recycled feedstock into new products. Such an approach already exists with RSB’s Standard for Advanced Products that sets out an approach for ensuring sustainability and traceability in complex chemical production systems.


Register now for the RSB Annual Meeting:

5-6 December 2019 – Berlin, Germany

I’d like to take this chance to remind you to register now for the RSB Annual Meeting while we are still offering early bird rates (as always, the meeting is free for RSB members). This year’s meeting is sponsored by Agrisoma, Airbus and UPM Biofuels with the generous support of Velocys and we are planning a really exciting, practical and collaborative 2 days in Berlin. Highlights include:

Collaborate with trailblazers like Agrisoma and UPM Biofuels on developing a practical roadmap for leadership in the bioeconomy. We’ll be working with visual artists Scriberia and Tom Farrand from Swarm to produce a truly interactive and exciting session with a physical output which we will all have a hand in creating.

Look to the future of alternative fuels during our Aviation Executive Roundtable featuring leaders from aircraft manufactures, airlines, fuel producers and NGOs in a frank and practical session that will explore opportunities and challenges facing the aviation industry and beyond.

Get to the nuts and bolts of things as we examine how to deal with waste plastics through the lens of the RSB Standard – what are the social and environmental costs, how do they weigh against climate impact and how can our community lead the way to new and sustainable solutions to the challenge of dealing with the growing plastic tide.

This is just a taste of what we have in store this year – registration is open here.

Our bioeconomy highlights in the section below give a bite-sized overview of our latest news and is a great way to enjoy a news digest if time is short.

Read on for more in-depth news and updates!

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Thanks for your continued interest and support – please do send me an email with any thoughts, ideas or feedback – I’d love to hear from you!

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